Shutting down operations during a construction project can be a costly endeavor—and a completely unnecessary one. Installing appropriate temporary containment systems before construction begins can allow you to continue to operate your business with minimal interruptions or inconvenience. At MOORING, we use STARC Systems for our clients’ containment needs across a wide array of industries and building types, including commercial and corporate offices, airports, schools, life sciences and biotech facilities, healthcare facilities, and data centers.

Temporary containment systems can be utilized for restoration and remediation projects in addition to full construction projects, enabling day-to-day operations to safely continue for the duration of the project.



Sometimes contractors utilize methods of containment simply because they have used a particular solution for years, regardless of whether it is best suited to the client’s priorities and needs. Even though they have certain benefits such as looking good and muffling construction noise, drywall barriers can take days to install and must be thrown away after each phase of a project. Polycarbonate partitions have the benefit of being reusable, but often fail to reduce noise pollution, nor are they very stable or durable. Plastic sheeting, though affordable, does not reduce noise, looks unsightly, and cannot be used in any healthcare setting. Understanding the appropriate solutions for different circumstances can ensure a safe and productive place of business.



When it comes to modular temporary containment options, STARC Systems continues to be an innovative industry leader and is trusted by MOORING for a variety of projects.

The STARC Systems RealWall offers a realistic wall appearance while reducing the construction noise associated with renovations by up to 50%. Exceptionally durable, stable, and easy to install, the system also exceeds ICRA Class IV requirements and ASTM E-84 Class A Fire & Smoke ratings.

For instances where a lightweight solution is needed, the STARC Systems LiteBarrier line offers many of the same benefits as RealWall™ but does not offer the same degree of soundproofing. However, it still offers best-in-class solutions in a lower-priced option when quick turnaround or frequent reconfiguration are necessary.



Easy reconfiguration

Modular wall systems such as STARC Systems RealWall™ and LiteBarrier™ can be installed, relocated, and reconfigured as many times as required. Assembly and dismantling are easy with minimal tools needed.


Because of their durability, they can be reused hundreds of times over the course of a single construction project or over many years.

Easy to clean

These types of temporary containment systems can be cleaned or disinfected with any common water-based and solvent-based cleaners and disinfectants.

Less waste

Drywall and plastic sheeting containment systems must be thrown out after every use, making them one of the least environmentally friendly options.

Long-term value

It only takes three to five uses or reconfigurations for modular temporary containment systems to pay for themselves, leading to significant savings with each subsequent use.

Staff and customer safety

Preventing dust, pathogens, bacteria, and other airborne particles from escaping a construction zone should always be a top priority for the health and welfare of employees and customers who may be in a building during construction, especially at-risk populations in healthcare settings.

Noise reduction

In the case of STARC Systems RealWall™, noise dampening exceeds that of almost any containment solution.

Aesthetically pleasing

A temporary modular containment system can replicate the look and feel of a permanent wall for a better employee and customer experience with less of a “construction zone” vibe.

Fully customizable

Dozens of accessory options can be implemented to fit the exacting requirements of a space, from hinged doors and flexible corners to wall interfaces and filler panels. The modularity makes it easy to create a temporary solution that does not compromise the way you conduct business.



When Houston Hobby Airport experienced a water leak around the TSA Security Desk, the source of the water and extent of the damage was unknown. This required an investigation while also keeping one of the airport’s highest traffic areas operational to not interfere with the work of the TSA or travelers entering the area.

The Solution

MOORING installed the STARC Systems RealWall™, an airtight, noise attenuating, easy-to-install solution, that allowed an investigation to take place while experts identified the source of the leak and the severity of the damage. The containment system remained throughout the renovation process, which included the replacement and reconstruction of drywall affected by the water. The solution was attractive and allowed airport operations to continue while keeping the actual renovation work out of sight, protecting airport workers and visitors from dust, debris, and noise.



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