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Save on Energy Costs with

Cool Roof Coat.

Cool Roof Coat is an acrylic based spray/roll on coating application designed to extend the life of existing roofs by 10 years while simultaneously dramatically reducing HVAC usage with the building.

  • Stop heat transfer through the roof
  • Drop HVAC use by up to 45%
  • Decrease internal building temperatures up to 30 degrees F
  • Immediate energy cost and Scope One and Two carbon emission reduction.

110 outside and 109 inside?

Don’t sweat it.

Mooring Disaster Restoration helps businesses of all kinds recover from any disaster – including those with uncooperative AC units that break down in the middle of summer. Whether you have a single location or multiple facilities, our portable air conditioners can accommodate any type of commercial property large and small. From churches and schools to commercial offices, retail spaces and warehouses – Mooring can help you take control of any indoor climate emergency in no time.

  • Cool spaces from 500 to 50,000 SQFT
  • Transform non-climate-controlled spaces into productive square footage
  • Rapid-Response delivery and pick-up, installation & set-up included, national coverage
  • Lighten the heavy load on your AC

Let‘s clear the air with

Air Duct Cleaning.

Air duct cleaning is a critical step following any water, fire, smoke, or environmental damage to your facilities. But did you know that Summer is an optimal time to improve air quality and indoor comfort too? As a member of NADCA and certified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Mooring can help you keep things clean and cool in the middle of the summer with effective air duct cleaning.

  • Enhance and optimize facility airflow
  • Significantly reduce your AC system’s workload
  • Reduce energy consumption and lower energy bills
  • Increase energy efficiency and save money
  • Increase productivity with improved indoor air quality

Your reliable business lifeline,

Emergency Power.

Mooring provides temporary emergency power during community disasters, supporting crucial electrical systems and must have equipment when the normal power supply is lost. And yes, that includes your A/C in the event of power blackouts or disruptions during high-use periods in high-use places. Our emergency generators serve as a backup power source during outages or natural disasters beyond your control.

  • Ensure business continuity during outages
  • Enhance safety with power for essential equipment and lighting
  • Reduce interruptions in customer service and downtime for employees
  • Protect against exposing or losing sensitive data


Preparedness Guide for Commercial Businesses.

Summer is here and it’s time to get your business ready for it. Our Summer 2024 Preparedness Guide for Commercial Businesses is packed with useful and practical information, including national weather forecasts, hurricane season predictions, facility and staff preparation tips, and effective solutions designed to help your business beat the heat.

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