It’s not easy to recover from a major hurricane, but preparation with an emergency management plan should facilitate recovery efforts much faster, and protect your tenants and assets. The four phases of emergency management are mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. These steps will help ensure tenant safety and building security during emergency situations.


Mitigation is the initial phase of emergency management plan and should be considered before a hurricane or disaster occurs. Planning for catastrophic disasters takes time and resources to implement proper procedures and key steps for keep both occupants and facilities protected. The goal of mitigation is to protect your tenants and commercial property while reducing the cost of response and recovery.


As you develop an emergency management plan, keep tenants informed and involved. One way is to hold an Emergency Preparedness meeting to review possible scenarios and the plan for addressing them. Evacuation routes, emergency shut off valves, and methods to report an emergency are all key factors to being prepared before an emergency occurs. Make sure tenants have a list of emergency numbers including contact information for you and your staff. Include a packet of emergency preparedness information with all tenant move-in materials and deliver an updated emergency preparedness packet to all building tenants once a year.


Activating your emergency management plan needs to happen immediately if a Hurricane Watch is posted. When a Hurricane Watch is issued, preparations should be made for a possible facility shutdown and evacuation. Understand who is on point for the various communications that need to happen in a short amount of time. Do not wait until a Hurricane Warning is issued, as there may not be enough time to complete all the necessary actions to keep occupants and facilities safe.


Getting back in business quickly, cost effectively and seamlessly is the primary goal of recovery. Partnering with a disaster restoration company is key to having 24/7/365 access to vital recovery services associated with a disaster situation. Disasters can hit at any time, and being prepared by having a disaster recovery partner at your side can make all the difference in how you recover. Find a trusted, experienced restoration company now, to prevent the stress of a disaster (from small emergency situation to city-wide catastrophe) in the future.

Following a hurricane, reevaluate how you mitigated, prepared and responded in order to improve upon learning’s and ways to enhance the emergency plan. The cycle repeats itself but as you revise your efforts, the worry that comes with disasters will dissipate.


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