Disaster Restoration

Wherever we go, recovery follows.

With over 1300 network partners and office locations serving North America, Mooring has been leaving our bootprint on Disaster Restoration for three generations. Having helped in the creation of the Disaster Restoration industry – when we say we’re experienced – we set the bar for it. And that experience translates into invaluable and unparalleled expertise when it comes to delivering the one thing that matters most to our customers: recovery.

Mooring Disaster Restoration gets businesses back on their operational feet in the event of natural disasters and catastrophes, such as hurricanes, tornados and seasonal storms. With our Emergency Command Center we establish a hub in national deployments that centralizes communications, logistics and operations in support of wide-spread recovery efforts. Whether it’s Water, Fire and Smoke damage or Mold Remediation, Asbestos Abatement and Air Duct Cleaning, we’ve been doing this long enough to help you recover from any disaster.

We’re on call 24/7/365 with multiple Regional Supply Depots in cities across the country. This strategic presence enables Mooring to be a first responder to all disasters large or small across the continental United States. Our teams were made for what the moment demands and immediately help you minimize damages and begin the recovery process.

Whether navigating the complications of insurance or want to get ahead of what’s next with a proactive Emergency Response Plan – recovery starts the moment you contact Mooring for any Disaster Restoration service.



Our Projects

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Winter Storm URI


K-12 Education

K-12 Education

K-12 Education

Keeping your business ahead of what's next.

All your property's data, shut off information, contact and documentation in one location, 24/7, at your fingertips.

Registered Contract Holder of The General Services Administration (GSA)

In the face of natural disasters and/or water, fire, and mold damage, providing timely and effective recovery solutions that enable government entities to conduct the important work they do without interruption is paramount.

Mooring is a GSA contract holder of contract number 47QRAA23D0022. Under the Multiple Award Schedule Program (MAS), Mooring Disaster Restoration can offer our products and services to federal, state, and local government buyers at pre-negotiated prices, terms, and conditions. This streamlined procurement process saves time and money for all parties involved and provides a fair and transparent process for Mooring to offer our products and services to government entities.

110 outside and 109 inside?

Don't sweat it.


Rapid-Response Delivery and Pick-up


Cool spaces from 500 to 50,000 SQFT


Installation, set-up included


National Coverage


Headquartered in Dallas - Fort Worth, TX, we have regional offices in Round Rock TX., Houston TX., and Placitas, NM. And as an esteemed member of the DKI network, Mooring boasts national capabilities across the continental U.S.A. with 1,300+ network partners to serve clients.

1,300+ Network Partners to serve Clients across the Continental U.S.A.

Regional Supply Depots

Modesto, CA
Paluxy, TX
Fort Worth, TX
Dallas, TX
Grand Prairie, TX
Houston, TX
Ardmore, TN
Grand Rapids, MI
New Jersey, NJ

Office Locations

  • Headquarters:
    Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
  • Regional Office:
    Houston, TX
  • Regional Office:
    Round Rock, TX
  • Regional Office:
    Placitas, NM