A Constant Pursuit
of Authenticity
Over Perfection

Our culture is different. It’s genuine. And it’s one of a kind because it’s uniquely ours – not some contrived copycat of someone else. That’s because, at Mooring, our culture is a byproduct of the values held by our people. And our values as people are a byproduct of our faith and belief in Jesus Christ.

The foundation of our culture relies on our trust in Him and in the path, He has laid out for us to follow. We’re not perfect, but we know who is. Our culture manifests itself in a collective and constant pursuit to never squander the professional and personal opportunities we are blessed with to make the world a better place through Him. Lofty goal? You bet.And all the more reason to pursue it.


To Mooring, a Mission Statement is more than just some good-sounding words on paper. It’s our target. Our bar of excellence. It embodies our purpose as people and as a company. It drives us from the moment our feet hit the floor every day. Simply put, it’s why we do what we do.

Mooring Mission Statement: To honor God through the restoring of lives and building of futures.

Easier said than done, we know. But saying it doesn’t matter around here unless it’s backed up by doing it. As Proverbs 14:23 puts it, “All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.” In other words – talk is cheap so let’s get on with it.


Our Company Values are a mirror of our personal values when it comes down to it. According to the dictionary, Values are a person’s or company’s principles or standards of behavior; one’s judgment of what is important in life. With that in mind – here are the Values we live and work by at Mooring:

Humility – A modest view of our own importance; humbleness.
Integrity – The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.
Boldness – The willingness to take risks and act innovatively; with confidence & courage.
Excellence – The quality of being outstanding or extremely good at what we do.
Family – Through relationships we see each other realistically; we assume responsibility for personal growth; we support one another and we count on one another.

Service to Others

Introducing M3 – Moorings Mission of Ministry. M3 is our community service and external ministry program designed to make a difference where we can. A difference through the giving of our time and talents to help others less fortunate in our community, our country and beyond. M3 is how we give back outside the walls of our offices and the boundaries of our job sites. By volunteering & serving the needs of others, we impact lives in positive life-changing ways.

Smooth Stones is our internal company ministry program. Its purpose is to provide the tools, resources, love and support to our Mooring family and their family’s whenever they need it to help people overcome and win their battles with life’s “Goliaths.”

Through organized programs like group Bible Studies, Book Study Groups, Market Place Chaplains, Men’s and Women’s Retreats, RightNow Media @ work, and even financial and spiritual support programs, this internal ministry is here for all those who want to experience the victory of Christ in their lives.


It’s not a matter of if we’re hiring – it’s a matter of who.

At Mooring, we work hard to provide our customers with the best-in-the-business Commercial Construction and Disaster Restoration solutions. We work just as hard to provide our employees with a place where they feel like part of a family.


Headquartered in Dallas - Fort Worth, TX, we have regional offices in Round Rock TX., Houston TX., and Placitas, NM. And as an esteemed member of the DKI network, Mooring boasts national capabilities across the continental U.S.A. with 1,300+ network partners to serve clients.

Office Locations

  • Headquarters:
    Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
  • Regional Office:
    Houston, TX
  • Regional Office:
    Austin, TX
  • Regional Office:
    Placitas, NM

Regional Supply Depots

Modesto, CA
Paluxy, TX
Fort Worth, TX
Dallas, TX
Grand Prairie, TX
Houston, TX
Ardmore, TN
Grand Rapids, MI
New Jersey, NJ

1,300+ Network Partners to serve Clients across the Continental U.S.A.


The legacy of Mooring and the Mooring family is one built on getting the job done right for 75 years.

Ben Mooring

Founder / Chairman

John Scott Mooring

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Bishop

Chief Business Officer

Kristin Smith

Chief Financial Officer

Brian Burden

Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Jay Stephenson

Executive Vice President

Juli Mobley

Executive V.P., Administration

Travis Garcia

Executive V.P., Disaster Restoration

Partners & Associations

The company you keep says a lot about your company.

The word Partner is defined as “a person who shares or is associated with another in some action or endeavor.” Our partnerships and associations yield tremendous value for our customers because they’re based on alignment in shared goals, objectives and business ethics. Simply put, good partners make us more capable and responsive. And when you’ve been doing what we do as long as we’ve done it – you learn how to associate yourself the best in the business.

The following are a few of our partnerships and associations that we’re proud of.