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We’ve been around long enough to learn what we’re best at and we’ve honed our focus to serve industries that benefit most from our structure, approach, experience and passion.

Serving the General Commercial, Education, Retail, Hospitality, Government, Light Industrial and Healthcare industries is our specialty, and we skillfully deliver for our clients with a proven approach and knowledgeable team of experts dedicated to making every project a success. Regardless of the building type, size and scope of your project, Mooring Commercial Construction provides best-in-class work that showcases our commitment to excellence.

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Light Industrial


General Contracting
Delivery Methods

Mooring ensures the right delivery method for your project as a result of our experience, structure and process. Success for your construction project relies on the alignment of the right talent, resources, technology, people and processes — all integrated under one roof to meet your project’s specific needs. At Mooring, we’ll work with you to explore every option and select the delivery method that best positions your project for success.

A traditional method of delivery where the general contractor and the design team are individually accountable for their scope of work, performance and management. When considering a General Construction partner, it’s paramount to choose a builder with a proven track-record for delivering complex, large-scale and multi-phased construction projects. We understand the business of building. By pairing our relevant experience with current best practices, as a General Construction partner – you can count on Mooring Commercial Construction to build it and build it right.

As a Construction Manager, Mooring Commercial Construction is engaged from the get-go as we work closely with the assigned architects and engineers to define and develop the parameters of your project. Mooring Commercial Construction can work as a Construction Management Advisor (CMA) or as the Construction Manager At-Risk (CMAR) responsible for delivering your project within a set timeline and budget. It goes without saying that familiarity and experience in your Construction Management partner are critical to success. From site selection to bid packages to phasing, Mooring Commercial Construction orchestrates all the elements that must successfully come together to deliver a quality project, on time, on budget and beyond expectations.

With Design-Build, Mooring Commercial Construction handles both design and construction under a single contract. Created to reduce the lengthy timeline that accompanies other delivery methods of general contracting, our Design-Build approach delivers efficiencies from consolidating efforts and resources across multi-phased and complex projects with tight and often immovable deadlines. Mooring Commercial Construction is an ideal partner in this approach – streamlining communication, minimizing time and executing more efficiently from a single point of responsibility.

Job Order Contracting (JOC) – an indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity (IDIQ) project delivery method – means that multiple projects can be completed over the life of one long-term contract, as opposed to the single-project contracts. The long-term contract makes JOC an ideal choice for Mooring Commercial Construction clients who require completion of a high volume of yearly construction projects. JOC is designed to complete a succession of pre-defined construction tasks, which makes it the ideal general contracting delivery method for a variety of small to medium construction projects including renovations, repairs and regular maintenance work, especially when short timelines or fixed budgets are involved.

Our Projects

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Your Roof could be the coolest part of your building.

Reduce carbon emissions and lower your energy consumption by up to 45%.

Mooring is an exclusive provider and certified installer of the Nano Shield Cool Roof Coat; an acrylic polymer designed to extend the life of existing roofs by up to 10 years. Cool Roof Coat works by emitting 94% of the heat away from the roof while simultaneously stopping heat transfer through the roof. Developed through fireproofing technology, this technology can cut HVAC use by up to 45%!

Benefits of Cool Roof Coat:

  • Significantly lowers internal temperature
  • Leverages high emissivity and low thermal conductivity to deliver long lasting, demonstrable reduction in HVAC consumption, energy costs, and scope 1 carbon emissions
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Superior UV Resistance
  • No Reportable VOCs
  • Spray or Roll-On Application
  • Color Pigmentation Available


Headquartered in Dallas - Fort Worth, TX, we have regional offices in Round Rock TX., Houston TX., and Placitas, NM. And as an esteemed member of the DKI network, Mooring boasts national capabilities across the continental U.S.A. with 1,300+ network partners to serve clients.

1,300+ Network Partners to serve Clients across the Continental U.S.A.

Regional Supply Depots

Modesto, CA
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Grand Prairie, TX
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Office Locations

  • Headquarters:
    Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
  • Regional Office:
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  • Regional Office:
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  • Regional Office:
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