Seasonal weather changes are a crucial reminder of the importance of our facilities’ HVAC systems. Throughout different seasons, the furnace and air conditioning systems circulate and recirculate warm or cool air through a facility’s ductwork, slowly gathering dust, dirt, mold, dander, allergens, and other debris. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency warns that indoor concentrations of pollutants are often 2 to 5 times higher than typical outdoor concentrations. This potentially harmful indoor air quality can be mitigated through a well-rounded maintenance plan for your facility’s commercial HVAC system.

In our years of experience conducting HVAC air duct cleaning, we’ve heard the same questions and concerns voiced time and time again by building managers – and we’re always happy to explain and share our expertise! Keep reading to learn a bit more about the basics of air duct cleaning.

Before you have your air ducts cleaned…

Make sure you’re changing out every air filter on schedule. Clean air filters contribute to the overall efficiency of your HVAC system, as well as the overall air quality. Changing out air filters regularly costs pennies on the dollar compared to the expense of repairs.




Increase energy efficiency and save money.

Clean air ducts allow air to flow more easily throughout the HVAC system and enable the fan motor to distribute air more easily throughout your facility. Your system will then operate at its optimum efficiency, reaching desired temperatures much faster. In turn, your HVAC system will be more energy-efficient, saving you money.


Increase Productivity with Improved Indoor Air Quality

Pathogens, mold, and allergens increase when ductwork fills with dust and debris. Ensure your building’s occupants are breathing clean air, by eliminating these pollutants. The welcome result of improved indoor air quality can be lower healthcare costs and increased productivity due to employees being sick less often.


Keep Your Building’s HVAC System in Good Condition

The dirtier your air ducts, the harder your HVAC system must work to maintain the temperatures you wish. Dust and debris blowing through your ducts can find their way into your system’s fan motor and other components, causing excess wear and tear. Consult your HVAC professionals to determine the best frequency for cleaning air ducts then follow their recommendations. This will lower maintenance costs and ensure a long life for HVAC equipment.


Control Odors

Sometimes, you can be breathing in dirty air without even knowing it. But as soon as they’re dirty enough to cause odors, you’re in need of a good cleaning. Mold, mildew, and dead bugs and rodents can all cause unpleasant smells. The moment you smell something foul, consult a trusted professional for a system assessment.


What to expect when the professionals arrive.

Cleaning ductwork can leave a thin layer of dust and particles throughout the space surrounding the air ducts. Professionals often place protective coverings overall furnishings and sensitive equipment to maintain a clean workspace and to facilitate easy clean-up. They may also need access to ceilings and crawl spaces, so we recommend coordinating your HVAC professional’s visit with your facility’s maintenance lead in case they need to be onsite as well.


How often should you clean the air ducts in your building?

Ductwork should be cleaned every two years to five years. Of course, like any proactive maintenance plan, we recommend consulting with your HVAC professional to create a custom plan that factors in the complexities and scope of your facility’s air duct system.


When is the best time to have air ducts cleaned?

Air duct cleaning can present somewhat of a distraction or interruption to business operations, so we always recommend scheduling the cleaning during a holiday week or a period during which people aren’t occupying the building.

Sometimes, the simplest solutions can have the most impact. At Mooring, we manage a vast and complex variety of issues that can impact property owners and building managers, from everyday issues to once-in-a-lifetime disasters. Air duct cleaning is an actionable task that allows building owners and managers to proactively prevent a myriad of problems in the long term.


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